Safety / Fall Protection

At Tool Country we understand the importance and value of keeping your team safe and ae committed to helping them return home to their families each night. Because of this commitment, we have a dedicated safety division, Safety Country, that is focused solely on providing the safety supplies and solutions the workforce needs.

At Tool Country, we proudly represent the most trusted brands in the industry. Our strong relationships with each manufacturer, based on decades of partnering together, are built on continuous communication, education and training, ensuring we have a deep understanding of every product we offer. This knowledge allows us to provide personalized solutions tailored to your team’s unique and specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for every job.

We offer products from manufacturers whose reputation for quality and reliability has been proven over time. 3M™, MSA, Miller®, Radians®, UVEX®, Falltech®, Majestic®, Ergodyne®, DBI Sala®, Fibre-Metal®, Werner®, Jackson Safety®, PIP®, just to name a few... Reach out to us today for any of your safety needs...

Safety Country - Who We Are

From chemical and cut level gloves, to safety glasses, fall protection, first aid kits and everything in between, Safety Country stocks the widest selection of PPE and Facility Safety products east of the Rockies!
And if you are in need of specific product and application training, we can help with that too! Our Sales Team boasts over 40 years of safety experience and can train you and your team on the products we offer. Plus - We can even call in the experts (our factory-trained manufacturer reps) when you want 3rd party training. Reach out to our team now to discuss scheduling your on or off-site training.



Heat-Related Hazard Information

Heat stress refers to the array of illnesses and injuries that occur when the body is exposed to excessive heat and humidity without adequate compensation. These conditions span from heat cramps to heat stroke, the latter being potentially fatal.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2015 and 2019, incidents of environmental heat caused an average of 35 fatalities annually and led to over 2,700 days of missed work each year. Nonetheless, the actual number of fatalities might be underestimated due to misdiagnosis or underreporting.
Below you will find several documents to help you prepare for the annual heat wave and direct and lead your team on ways to stay safe. These OSHA, NIOSH and Department of Labor documents are meant to be used as guidelines, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U. S. Department of Labor, Tool Country or any other company, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U. S. Government. These are meant to be used as guidelines only, and all liability falls on the employer when using, editing and implementing these plans.


Sqwincher Catalog

Tool Country stocks the full lineup of Sqwincher products. Please reachout directly for current stock levels and pricing.


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